Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fashion is about you ....

So I've not posted much this week, just having 'felt' it ya know? I've taken pictures of some outfits but honestly you know what I've found, when you don't feel it you shouldn't try to make yourself take pictures.  Now granted, there are times when you have to fake it till you make it.  Still the other day I just wanted to slip on schlubby sweats and a sweater and no bra and shamble out of the house and keep my coat on for decency sake but said NO Hopey get your ass in the shower and put yourself together and it did help. I did feel better after.  I put on make up and got dressed.  Not dressed 'up' per se but looked together and ultimately that's more than enough.  I didn't do it for anyone else, I didn't care what anyone else thought, it was for me.  That's what fashion should be by the way, for YOU.  To make YOU feel good about YOU.

Work it for YOU.  

So here's my new outfit.  This dress is from Macy's plus and I love it. It's light as a feather but soooo fun.  I paired it with some tights, boots and this open front cardigan from Kohl's plus.

Color blocking and stripes are really in this upcoming season.  The great thing about this dress is it's sleeveless so I can wear it with a shortsleeved cardi and some slides come spring/summer too so yay, multiple season wear.

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  1. I love sleeveless dresses for that very versatile reason - spring, summer, fall winter - whenever!