Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Question on

I can't tell you how excited I am.  I wrote this question in to my absolute favorite blog in the world -  Jordan was so wonderful to answer my question in her post today.  Thank you Jordan, you're wonderful.

Capris & Bermuda Shorts & Alternatives, Please

    Q. Jordan,
   I have heard some fashionistas saying capri pants are a definite no-no. So    what are the other options for bottoms in the summer for someone who is a busy mom but still wants to look stylish? Bermuda shorts, pedal pushers? I [don't want to] wear short-shorts…but I don’t want to look like a grandmother either.
   - Hope
   A. You know, I wouldn’t say that capri pants are “a definitely no-no.” Mostly because I wouldn’t say that anything is a definitely no-no…but it’s true: that length does have a tendency to sort of cut you off vertically, and just isn’t particularly flattering on many people, myself included.
   Two alternatives to short-shorts: long (as in knee-length) shorts, and just-above-the-ankle cropped pants. First, let’s talk long shorts!
  - Try pairing the shorts with a pretty, lightweight (and feminine) blouse to offset the sportiness.
  - Along those same lines, add a pop-of-color clutch or some bold jewelry (in other words, accessories that say “I am not coming home from the beach”).
  - Definitely go for heels; the cropped length can make you appear shorter if you don’t add a little faux height.
  Next up, my very favorite cut for jeans this season…and a look that I think we’ll be seeing a ton of this spring. I love pants that hit just above the ankles (like the David Kahn jeans I wore yesterday): they expose just a hint of skin, and are a great way to show off your most fabulous pair of shoes.
   Even better, you don’t need to run out and buy a pair: just grab a pair of skinny or boyfriend-cut jeans that you already own, and cuff them three times (like I did here).
  Above, three more ways I’ve styled cropped jeans recently.
  Hope that helps!
  P.S. Your question totally got me excited for spring. I am so ready for sunshine.