Thursday, January 17, 2013

To follow or not to follow ...

I've never been one who followed fashion trends, not really. I've always been someone who stuck to the basics and tried and true fashion gems and tried to keep it to that.  Of late I've been following some fabulous blogs and I've been thinking about being a little more 'risky' with my fashion.  Fashion should be fun. 

One discovery I've made along my journey of self-discovery and self-esteem, learning to love myself as a plus-sized woman, is that it's okay to dress to be seen. I don't need to hide myself away. I don't need to feel shame for being an overweight woman in today's world.  I am just as worthy of dressing fashionably and in a way that says 'look at me' as any other woman.  I'm worth the effort.

Some of the outfits I've been posting have been following some of the trends for the year.  The black and white trend.  The stripes trend to name a few.  Another trend is the boyfriend jean.  Nice thing about that, is that I have a hard time finding jeans to be long enough to fit me.  So yay, now I can cuff them up and wear them above my ankle and be trendy. Hooray.

Thus the last outfit I posted.  I just recently got a lovely boucle jacket and intend to wear it tomorrow to breakfast with the hubby along with boyfriend jeans, boots and my coach purse and michael kors accessories.  So there is trend and there is classic.  I think a little of both is just right, don't you? 

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