Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cleaning out my closet ...

Can I just say wow ... I am now a firm believer in cleaning out one's closet at least ONCE at year.  At least!  I thought I'd been purging.  I truly thought I'd been doing it.  A little here a little there but NOPE. It took me about oh 8 hours yesterday to go through and clear out, and reorganize my closet.  I know that sounds crazy but you will not believe how many items of clothing I had that I hadn't worn in ages or that didn't fit or that I just didn't like or had never worn.  I have a GIANT pile of clothes to donate. ALSO a giant bag filled with shoes to donate as well.  ((I still have to organize the shoes - I have acquired several new pairs that are still in boxes, which I think I might be liking. I may keep them in boxes. I dunno.)

So ladies, save yourself the misery I went through yesterday and go through your closet at LEAST once a year and PURGE.  Make 2 piles, donate and garbage, because you do not want to donate something that isn't decent quality.  

In between my hours of closet cleaning I went to lunch at Moulin De Paris here in Pasadena with my good friend Jayne.  It was lovely.  Great food and even better company.  

So it snowed/ice stormed last night and is still spitting icy bits out there now.  The roads are supposed to be a bit treacherous so we're planning on staying in safe and sound today and have a snuggly day at home. Shhh don't tell anyone but I'm blogging here in my fluffy robe and cup o'coffee. ;)

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