Saturday, January 14, 2012

Adventures in Plus Size Fashion

Well here I am - January 2012 and beginning a Plus Size Fashion Blog.

This is totally new territory for me.

I'm 43 and have never EVER believed I could do something like this.

I am doing this totally for fun and for my own self-esteem.

I am totally inspired by Jessica Kane of , by Tina of ,  by so Marie Denee of and so so many more.

These ladies and their blogs have reached into my heard and pulled me from a place of feeling terrible about myself, unhappy with my weight, with what I wear, how I look, feeling old and frumpy and like I don't have many choices for myself .... AND THEN I found these blogs and they showed me that I have CHOICES.  I have choices for fabulous shoes, clothes and accessories - that there are great stores out there for me to buy lovely quality clothing that will look good on me NOW.

I don't have to live my life WAITING until I lose weight to look good.

I don't have to live my life in that "I'll buy that scarf when I lose 5 pounds" or "I'll buy those shoes when I lose 10 pounds" mentality.  I deserve to feel good now.

SURE I am taking care of myself.  I am slowly learning to eat better, exercise, become more fit and hopefully lose weight and grow healthier but I am going to love WHAT IS.  Love me NOW and that includes dressing for the body I live in RIGHT NOW.

I am so much happier than I've been in ages, since I've started doing this.  I cannot believe how much I already have in my closet that I have to wear, with just a little tweak here and there with one fabulous accessory.  A great pair of shoes, a boot, a scarf, a tank or bracelet.

Fashion isn't complicated, it just takes a tiny bit of effort.  It just takes you looking in the mirror in the morning and saying I AM WORTH IT.  And you know what.  No matter what size you are girlfriend.  You are.

Love yourself.

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