Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Conquering Insecurity

This question was part of my bible study from "The Confident Heart" today.  I thought it was pertinent to my fabulous blog because it's about conquering insecurity which keeps me (and us all) from being fabulous at any size.

2.  Has Insecurity ever kept you from doing something?

Oh my goodness yes yes yes.  Especially in the last I dunno 5 years 5 years or so.  I've become such an insecure person.  So ashamed of my body, so ashamed of my appearance and who I am.  I've hidden away in this "fat suit" I felt I lived in.  BUT NO MORE. I am not ugly. I am not this terrible blubber of a person. I am beautiful. I may not be size 6 but that doesn't make me worthless.  I am a WORTHY human being.  Being a six doesn't make me worthy.  

This really stuck out to me.  THIS is truth.

What makes me worthy is being a child of God.  What makes me worthy is being a decent human being.  Being good to people. 

I want to be fabulous.  I want to SMILE.  I want to SHINE.  I want to be HAPPY inside my heart and that kind of happiness doesn't come from a dress size it comes from a HEART size.  It comes from  having a heart that's two sizes too BIG not two sizes too small.  

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  1. You are shiny and amazing! Your inner light is so bright. Love you!